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About Us

Let’s Be The Change (LBTC) is a non-profit organization which aims to...

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Let’s Be The Change (LBTC) is a non-profit organization which aims to build a cleaner and healthier society by working with the people and the Government. LBTC was started by Anirudh S Dutt on 5th
July 2013. We have been growing ever since with over 250 successful events, including cleanliness
drives, awareness programmes, spot fixes, pet adoption drives and so on. We are mainly comprised
of energetic youngsters whose only aim is to make Bengaluru a better place for the society by initiating cleanothon drives. We are a
bridge connection between the Municipal Corporation (BBMP) and the Citizens.
LBTC believes in involving citizens to actively participate in eradicating black spots and has helped in creating awareness and social responsibility among the residents.

Over the years LBTC has accomplished many milestones and has driven citizens towards a cleaner and greener Bengaluru.
Here we present a few accomplishments of LBTC
– We host “Cleanathon Drives” – The act of eliminating garbage dumps and beautifying the location with the beautiful warli art.
– We have fixed more than 250 garbage dumps fixed.
– Average 4 hours spent per garbage spot.
– Fixed combined stretch of 20,000 meters of Garbage Dump.
– Involving 2,000+ people including residents and volunteers.
– We have conducted two Mega Cleanathon drives –
1- Biggest Cleanathon in Kempegowda Bus Stand (Majestic), Bengaluru on 2nd October 2016-
It was a massive cleanliness and beautification drive in Majestic Bus Stand with over 500
volunteers. It was inaugurated by Mr. P C Mohan, Member of Parliament.
2- Mega Cleanathon on 2nd October 2017 – It was conducted across 72 wards involving more
than 1500 people, where each ward had a team of 20/30 volunteers, cleaning and beautifying
a garbage dumb with the BBMP (Municipal Corporation). This event was inaugurated by Mr.
Rajiv Chandrashekar, Member of Parliament.
– We have also conducted Clay Ganapathi making workshops during the festival time. Last year (2016)
more than 1000 people made their own Ganapathi Idols and worshipped them. This year, almost 2500 people enthusiastically made their own clay Ganapas!

Apart from this, as the quote goes “Prevention is better than cure”, we have always strived to look for the root cause for the creation of garbage dumps, increasing plastic usage and environmental pollution and are working towards enlightening people with alternatives to overcome the existing uncertainties and problems.
We believe Bangalore can be free from garbage dumps when the locals take initiatives and work in
synergy with the BBMP. Let’s Be The Change main emphasis is on building this synergy and empowering the locals.

It’s a proud moment for us to list a few of our achievements over the years.
Our Achievements:
1) We Won of the “Yuva Chetana Award”, awarded by Youth For Seva (YFS) in 2014.
2) Our Founder, President Mr. Anirudh S Dutt won the “Namma Bengaluru Rising Star of the Year”
Award in 2015, awarded by “Namma Bengaluru Foundation”.
3) We won the National Level Yuva Chetana Award 2017 in Delhi.
4) Our initiative was appreciated and recognized by BBMP officials, “Sneha Sangha Sports Club”,
Karunadu Kannada Kala Sangha, Hoysala Karnataka Sangha, Radio City, and many more.
5) Our founder has been invited as a guest for many primetime weekend Radio shows. The RJs also attend our
events with active participation.
6) Our “Cleanathon” events are regularly published in Bangalore Mirror, Deccan Herald, Vijaya
Karnataka, Indian Express and many other leading newspapers.
7) Our founder, Anirudh, has also given talks in various media channels like TV9, DD Chandana, Raj News, Suvarna
News etc., speaking about various environmental issues.
8) Our President’s story was recently featured in YourStory.com (https://yourstory.com/2017/11/lets￾be-the-changeanirudh-dutt/)

As the quote goes “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” our motto, vision and purpose is to achieve a garbage free environment, stressing on the importance of waste segregation and to motivate people about the importance of maintaining and imparting cleanliness in all walks of life.